About Us

Our team is committed to providing opportunities for our clients through the trucking industry.

Our team is committed to providing opportunities for our clients through our passive income business model.

We are committed to simplifying your experience, and this includes the technology we use. From a straightforward onboarding process to payday, our systems are designed to make your life easy. Our passive income opportunities are backed by systems, teams and processes that are user-friendly and effective at getting significant results for all of our clients. 

In today’s digital age, there are countless technological advancements that can make your lives easier. We have simplified this model to make passive income not only easy but lucrative as well. 

12+ years

The cumulative experience across the board on Team RivX has over 12+ years in the Logistics/ Trucking Industry.

Numbers Speak

Our Goal for every client coming into Rivx is to understand the power of leverage and teamwork. Let us Focus on what we specialize in, while you focus on the end result.


Our team

Our sophisticated approach sets us apart from the competition, allowing us to provide you with the best possible service.

Guided by values and behaviors focused on excellence, integrity, diversity and leadership, our global team brings unique perspectives, experiences and skills to pioneer a new generation of financial services.

Our Values

When It Comes To Distinguishing Ourselves, Our Core Values Make Us Clear Winners.

Apart from our commitment to our services, we have ideals that each and every member of our team respects and upholds. These are:

Customer Experiencie

We take full responsibility for our actions, and always put the protection of the assets of our clients first. We exceed our customers’ expectations by over-delivering value.

Quality Control

We take charge; servicing, operating, and providing a professional and consistent service.

Integrity and Honesty

Transparency of the results that we produce for all of our clients is our #1 priority.


We respect all members of our network in all our actions, making our clients, employees, and suppliers feel valued.


We strive for quality in our job, seek new growth opportunities, and adapt to new ways of doing things.

Our mission

Is to enable and unlock economic growth for clients through passive income business models.

Our vision

Is to become a one-stop shop for all investors that are looking to gain more passive income by leveraging the right team and opportunity model.

Our goal

Is to help educate and implement passive income opportunities for all our clients that are looking to gain more cash flow.

We value our people

We believe in unleashing the potential of each individual while working towards our common goals and shared values.

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